Nuventive BI Solutions

There are many priorities that require an academic community to have a clear picture of key metrics in specific content areas. Many institutions do not have the necessary information to best inform their critical improvement processes. Nuventive is developing a growing array of purpose specific Business Intelligence (BI) content in partnership with both our customers and our strategic BI partners. Nuventive BI Solutions provide visualizations to effectively and efficiently demonstrate what’s happening in different areas across an institution.

Nuventive BI

Nuventive BI is a custom service designed to solve an individual academic institution’s needs for data integration and visualization, giving new powerful abilities for exploration and discovery.

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California Community College BI Content Pack

This cloud-based BI solution is an implementation of Microsoft's new Power BI cloud platform for Higher Education using the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) Management Information System (MIS) Data Mart metrics. This content pack makes the MIS files accessible, usable and graphical by packaging them in Microsoft’s user-friendly Power BI platform.

“Using the CCC BI Content Pack allows Moreno Valley College to construct and distribute course success information to all disciplines for program review. We are able to provide graphical and tabular data disaggregated by ethnicity, gender, and age at both the course and program level. The information is easily assembled using Power BI and is able to be securely distributed through Nuventive Impact. What used to take many hours to assemble and distribute is done in a quarter of the time and is more attractively presented. The use of the CCC BI Content Pack also allows delivery of a consistent data set to faculty that is easily accessed and requires little training to use”. Sheila Pisa, Ed.D., Professor, Mathematics (former Assessment Co-coordinator)

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