Nuventive Specialized Solutions

Navigating institutional review or an accreditation process can be challenging. The same is true when measuring learning and achievement. We’re here to simplify the process with our specialized solutions: Nuventive Insight and Nuventive iWebfolio.

Nuventive Insight

Alleviate the strain of compliance documentation with Nuventive Insight. This solution makes it easy for you to present narratives and evidence of achievement and continuous improvement. Users can gather and organize data within pre-built, easy-to-edit templates. Reviewers can access your reports in a variety of formats including flash drive, electronic submission, and more. Nuventive Insight is offered in basic or advanced versions to meet both simple and complex needs.

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Nuventive iWebfolio

This configurable electronic portfolio solution gives learners a tool for rich reflection and feedback, while also facilitating the collection of evidence for program improvement. With a flexible design that can be configured to support a wide range of purposes, Nuventive iWebfolio enables adoption across diverse departments with large numbers of users. It’s a powerful combination—capturing evidence of achievement while providing learners with a feedback loop for improvement.

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