Nuventive Improvement Platform

The Nuventive Improvement Platform includes integrated software and services that support a culture of data-informed, goal-aligned performance. Evolved from our industry game-changers TracDat, PlanningPoint and ActionPoint, these tested, proven solutions are designed to help higher education communities plan more consistently, collaborate more effectively, and make smarter decisions. Our products and services work seamlessly to help you pursue a wide range of improvement initiatives — all from the same platform.

Edition Series

For those tasked with executing against strategic or improvement plans, the Edition Series of our Nuventive Improvement Platform informs point-of-impact decision-making like never before… in real-time.

Designed to support any improvement or transformation initiative – from strategic planning to student success, learning outcomes to program review – the Edition Series of our Improvement Platform extends program, campus, and system-wide.

Nuventive Improve

Informed by many years of experience in higher education, Nuventive Improve, is a flexible solution that helps institutions create a culture of continuous improvement. Take control of your information and resources, get organized and aligned, manage academic and administrative outcomes, strategic planning, program review and much more.

Nuventive Improve Analytics

Advance the effectiveness of your planning and assessment with visibility into the process at every level. Nuventive Improve Analytics allows you to take information from Nuventive Improve and create interactive dashboards that show the status of your planning process in real time. By tapping into this planning and assessment data, you can review summary data, individual information related to the various plans of the institution, and much more. Nuventive Improve Analytics features easy-to-read reports, visually appealing dashboards, and customization for your needs.

Nuventive Impact

Need to accurately capture performance information across departments? Nuventive Impact can show you student success, enrollment, diversity and other key metrics by aggregating data from multiple sources—all tied to your goals and objectives. Bring all of your information into a single place, and empower stakeholders across your higher education community to take effective, coordinated action toward shared goals.