More insights.<br>
Less effort.

More insights.
Less effort.

Nuventive BI provides easy access to key metrics that academic institutions need to make informed decisions, implement improvements, and deliver results.

More insights.<br>
Less effort.

Nuventive BI Solutions

Nuventive offers packaged and custom business intelligence (BI) content, developed with our customers and strategic partners. We can help you with BI strategy, assessing data gaps, and building BI solutions for your institution.

Whether you’re gathering and aggregating disparate data from multiple sources to meet reporting needs or you’re getting all your data directly from a central data warehouse, there are likely many more new and valuable insights you could be extracting from your data with much less effort. Our affordable, cloud-based BI solutions can help you identify areas for enhancing your institutional insight while saving valuable time and money.


Enhance institutional understanding and leadership creativity


Uncover and extract valuable data and insight


Save time, money, and resources


Integrate with assessment and planning software

California Community College BI Content Pack

This cloud-based BI solution makes the California Community College Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) Management Information System (MIS) Data Mart metrics accessible, usable and graphically viewable. Built using the Microsoft® Power BI platform, the solution is specially designed to meet mandated reporting needs, either as-is or easily configured and saved as new reports, with dozens of filters and pre-calculated measures.