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The Nuventive Improvement Platform – An Inside Look

Thursday, November 4th at 3:00 PM Eastern

Turn your plans into progress across your institution.

In this webinar, you’ll get an inside look at The Nuventive Improvement Platform and learn how you can turn your plans into progress by:
– Combining the best information and the best thinking across your institution
– Supporting a culture of data-informed decision-making
– Managing any process consistently, from strategic planning to learning outcomes, program review and more.

Strengthening Student Success Conference

Wed, October 13th – Fri, October 15th

Held Virtually


2021 Assessment Institute – hosted by IUPUI

Sunday, October 24th to Wed., October 27th

Held Virtually

Leading Improvements in Higher Education


SACSCOC Annual Meeting

Sat., December 4th to Tues., December 7th

Held Virtually

“Emerging Stronger”

Webinars On Demand

Does “Good to Great” Work for Higher Education in 2021?

April 28th, 2021

Over twenty-five years ago, Jim Collins, a junior untenured professor at Stanford University’s business school, became interested in why some companies prospered for decades while others withered away. He hoped to determine whether the successful organizations shared similar characteristics missing in the less successful ones. This session will review the key principles that Collins identified in truly great organizations and explore whether they are still timely for colleges and universities today.
Length: 27 minutes

Webinars On Demand

Newly Improved: Transitioning Assessment Reporting to the Nuventive Improvement Platform

March 16th, 2021

Key features of the improved process included consolidation of assessment plan and results entry, addition of an electronic review and approval process, use of a standardized rubric to structure feedback provided, and the creation of reports to actively monitor report submission and approval status. After one cycle of implementation, immediate gains in efficiency were noted at A&M-Commerce, and additional opportunities to use the platform to address quality improvement can be identified.
Length: 31 minutes

Webinars On Demand

Strategic Academic Planning: The Challenges and Importance of Long-Range Planning

March 9th, 2021

As higher education institutions continue to work through transitions and changes in academic programs, they know business-as-was-usual isn’t a long-term strategy. For example, what does the recent remote learning focus mean for the future? Strategic academic planning ensures programs and priorities meet the needs of students for years to come. Our panelists will share insights on how to set strategic academic planning initiatives up for success.
Length: 46 minutes

Webinars On Demand

Renew the Quest for Quality and Purposeful Change in Higher Education

February 18th, 2021

What comes next for senior higher education leaders? As you think about your legacy, now is the time to take advantage of the new tolerance for change to re-imagine what your institution could achieve through continuous quality improvement. There is no more important time for leadership than in the immediate aftermath of crisis. However, emerging from it and purposefully evolving will require new skills. A panel of higher education experts share their thoughts on how to move from simply reacting to leading meaningful change.
Length: 44 minutes

Webinars On Demand

Breaking Silos: Fusing Assessment and Strategic Planning

February 9th, 2021

FAMU shares how it has aligned two frequently separated functions to form cohesive and integrated planning and assessment processes.
Length: 31 minutes

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