Stately four- to five-story red brick building on a higher education campus surrounded by trees

Plan more consistently, collaborate more effectively, make better decisions

Since pioneering Institutional Planning and Assessment software in 2000, Nuventive has evolved to enable higher education institutions to turn virtually any plan into progress through the better use of information.

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Stately four- to five-story red brick building on a higher education campus surrounded by trees

Advance virtually any initiative at your institution from strategic planning to assessment to administrative outcomes and more

Nuventive combines traditionally siloed planning, measurement, and outcomes information on a single screen. Our cloud-based software brings business processes and information together to support any improvement initiatives, including localized or hybrid strategic plans, accreditation, diversity, crisis response, student success, learning outcomes, general education, sustainability, administrative outcomes, and program review. Nuventive provides a common platform for sharing effective practices across areas and functions, providing learning opportunities across the institution.

Connect your plans with existing analytics and reporting systems to see what moves the needle

By connecting your plans with your existing analytics tools, reporting systems, and virtually any other relevant information, stakeholders can:
  • See whether their actions have moved the needle on strategic goals
  • Capture and share effective practices
  • Review the latest information to determine what to do next
Since relevant operational information is available on the screen — right next to your plan — you can investigate rationale and results from previous actions and monitor progress with live or snapshot-in-time information, all without leaving the Nuventive Platform.


Support any planning, improvement, or transformation initiative on campus, and align plans to other plans


Link business intelligence reports and other investments in information with coordinated planning and implementation


Bring structure and continuous improvement to the full lifecycle of planning, collection, analysis, action, and evaluation


Provide robust reporting so leaders at all levels can quickly gauge progress against their initiatives, and support accreditation and other institutional reporting requirements


Build unit-level and institutional capabilities for improvement that can be applied to future initiatives

Hear it from our customers

From chancellors and presidents to faculty members and staff, our higher education clients share stories about how Nuventive helped them achieve continual progress as they pursue short- and long-term goals.

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“After an accreditation visit, we usually have recommendations. Those recommendations are built right into this software so that we’re not doing one thing for accreditation and another thing for the institution. What we tried to do here is make the information, the data, the student learning outcomes, and the department goals available to all faculty in the department.”

Jim Moran, Ph.D.,
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, University of South Dakota

How can Nuventive help you?

The time for iterative, adaptive planning is now. Contact Nuventive to see how to set up integrated planning at your institution.

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