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From Chaos to Clarity: Mastering Your Data for Future-Ready AI Initiatives

Thursday, June 20th at 2:00 PM Eastern

The future of higher education hinges on leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is coming to every area, including assessment, planning and other data-informed improvement processes. Effective usage in every area will be enhanced if your data is AI ready.

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Riding the Next Wave: IT’s Role in Harnessing AI in Higher Education

Recorded June 12, 2024

AI appears likely to be one of the key innovations of technology’s next wave. Already, more than 180 million people are using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, signaling a wave of disruptive, if not transformational potential. What are the issues that those responsible for the institution’s IT need to address to both leverage AI’s opportunities and mitigate its risks? Length: 58 minutes.

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Data to Inform: Moving the Needle for Higher Education

Recorded May 8th, 2024

A discussion and demonstration with ZogoTech about turning your institution’s daunting data sets into straightforward, actionable intelligence that can be used in the Nuventive Platform for your institutions’ strategic planning and improvement plans. Length: 52 minutes.

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Documenting Achievement: Is There a Role for AI in Higher Education Assessment?

Recorded April 4th, 2024

The task of assessment is to document trends towards achieving specified outcomes. Whether Artificial Intelligence provides a mechanism to help us achieve this end will be the focus of this session. Length: 58 minutes.

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Canvas Outcomes in Nuventive: Successful Data-Informed Assessment

Recorded March 14th, 2024

Join us as panelists from Southeast Community College and El Camino College share how they have streamlined their processes by tying Canvas LMS data to the Nuventive Improvement Platform using Nuventive Connect-LMS. Length: 1 hour and 11 minutes.

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Artificial Intelligence for Institutional Research – New Tools, New Strategies, New Questions

Recorded March 19th, 2024

Institutional Research professionals are seeking alignment between their institutions’ artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives and their own in IR. In these early days, there is much to be considered as IR begins to use artificial intelligence to lighten their workload and improve their ability to inform decision-makers. Length: 57 minutes.

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Artificial Intelligence for Academic Affairs

Recorded February 21st, 2024

This webinar will focus on how institutions can use AI to promote student learning and facilitate student success; how AI will facilitate the work of faculty across research and teaching roles; and how AI will support academic affairs administrative tasks such as admissions, strategic planning, and accreditation. Length: 50 minutes.

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AI and the Future of Work

Recorded January 30th, 2024

Community college presidents are firmly focused on preparing their students for the future of work, which just made a dramatic shift with the escalating adoption of artificial intelligence. Students will need to be prepared with new skills and insights to thrive in this rapidly changing world. Presidents are investigating whether and how AI could spur dramatic improvement in persistence, graduation rates, student outcomes and wrap-around service delivery for the betterment of their students and teams. Length: 56 minutes.

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Banding Together: How Independent College Presidents are Addressing AI

Recorded December 13th, 2023

Independent college presidents hold a unique perspective when it comes to emerging technologies, and artificial intelligence is no exception. Tapping the collaborative nature of higher education, these leaders are working together to build strategies and action plans to deliver on AI’s potential for their institutions and their students. Length: 57 minutes.

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