An illustrated map shows six buildings outlined in white representing a network of higher education institutions

Support system-wide planning with Nuventive

Achieve improvement with centralized and decentralized plans across your higher education system, building visibility, alignment, and insights around plans

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An illustrated map shows six buildings outlined in white representing a network of higher education institutions

Flexible system-wide alignment and insight

No matter the level of “systemness” desired for each plan, Nuventive supports sharing effective practices, information assets, and progress across initiatives, while enabling individual institutional autonomy in managing local plans.

The Nuventive Improvement Platform comes bundled with our expert services. We take the lead on set-up and configuration, including project management, training, and linking your existing plans to relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and information sources. Our services team has extensive experience working with higher education planning processes, including student outcomes assessment, program review, accreditation support, strategic planning, and operational planning.

Once configured, we’ll work with you to develop and execute a plan to roll out the solution to your stakeholders. For as long as your institution is a client, we are here to help you align your plans and processes, so you can take advantage of the technology platform and move your organization toward a culture of data-informed improvement.

Achieve, improve, and adapt across your higher education system

See how the Nuventive Improvement Platform delivers the capacity today’s leaders need to achieve progress on any number of improvement or transformation plans.


Clearly see progress against plans across the system to ensure planning processes are implemented and executed as intended


Streamline execution and reporting for system-wide plans, while providing individual institutions autonomy to manage local plans


Maximize the value of your existing investments in business intelligence and other technologies to share information and put it in context – system-wide and at individual institutions


Distribute and refine effective practices and comparative data, building a cost-effective shared information library organized by purpose and tagged for easy discovery


Build capacity for continual improvement and transformation by leveraging the best thinking and shared experience across the system

Hear it from our customers

From chancellors and presidents to faculty members and staff, our higher education clients share stories about how Nuventive helped them achieve continual progress as they pursue short- and long-term goals.

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“After an accreditation visit, we usually have recommendations. Those recommendations are built right into this software so that we’re not doing one thing for accreditation and another thing for the institution. What we tried to do here is make the information, the data, the student learning outcomes, and the department goals available to all faculty in the department.”

Jim Moran, Ph.D.,
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, University of South Dakota

How can Nuventive help you?

The time for iterative, adaptive planning is now. Contact Nuventive to see how to set up integrated planning at your institution.

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