Screenshot shows Nuventive’s configurable dashboard to show progress against initiatives, next to supporting information

Turn your plans into progress

Institutions large and small use the Nuventive Improvement Platform to drive planning and progress for strategic, assessment, and improvement initiatives.

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Screenshot shows Nuventive’s configurable dashboard to show progress against initiatives, next to supporting information

Connect the numbers
with the narrative

By connecting your plans with your existing analytics and reporting systems, stakeholders can see what moves the needle on strategic goals. Since relevant operational information lives on the screen, right next to your plan, you can drill down to plan and test out scenarios, and monitor progress with live or snapshot-in-time information – all without leaving the Nuventive platform.


Supports any planning, improvement, or transformation initiatives on campus


Connects business intelligence with coordinated action-planning and implementation


Brings structure and continuing improvement to the full lifecycle of planning, collection, analysis, action, and evaluation


Builds individual and institutional capabilities for improvement that can be applied to future initiatives

Start with what matters most and then address other initiatives as time goes on.

The Nuventive Improvement Platform helps turn your plans into progress for such initiatives as:

  • Overall strategic planning
  • Accreditation
  • Learning outcomes assessment
  • Administrative outcomes assessment
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Student success
  • Program review
  • General education
  • Crisis response
  • Sustainability
Screenshot in a tablet shows Nuventive’s dual-panel display with relevant statistics for reporting next to report entry

Designed to build a sustainable
culture of data-informed

Improvement database

Tailored to support a culture of data-informed improvement, the platform’s database captures and maintains institutional memory on your plans and actions. It delivers visual reports to help you uncover which specific actions led to progress.

Information in context

Nuventive gives faculty and staff access to the best available information, a continuous feedback loop and a platform for delivering results. Because people will use the best available information in decision-making, Nuventive’s platform increases the quality of planning and improves the process of implementing and monitoring those plans.

Designed for use by stakeholders

The Nuventive Improvement Platform features intuitive organization, alignment, documentation, and reporting capabilities that multiple stakeholder groups can understand and effectively use as they track their effort and effectiveness against goals.

Dashboards and reporting

The platform’s built-in analytics deliver interactive reporting and customizable dashboards giving real-time vision into improvement initiatives. Dashboards provide an executive-level view of the planning process and display the detailed sequence of actions and outcomes related to specific goals and objectives.

Maximize analytics and reporting solution investments

Nuventive maps your plan to relevant information from your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), student information system (SIS), business intelligence (BI), specialized reporting platforms, and learning management systems (LMS) to maximize your technology investments.

Expert services

Whether you need assistance with product implementation, setting up new institutional plans, process design, or reporting, our personal, hands-on approach to addressing your needs goes well beyond the norm. We’re here to help you get started and to see you through to success.

Cloud-based performance

Built and hosted on Microsoft® Azure, the Nuventive Improvement Platform is a fully configurable, cloud-based solution.

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