Achieve, improve, and adapt in a COVID-19 world

As your college or university continues to grapple with the COVID-19 crisis, it’s critical to develop nimble, adaptive strategies informed by available information and poised for effective execution.

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Nuventive COVID-19
Response Hub:

The Nuventive COVID-19 Response Hub is a cloud-based improvement and transformation solution specially designed to help you drive progress across critical COVID-19 initiatives, including testing out scenarios.

Nuventive’s COVID-19 Response Hub is a quick-start solution pre-populated with a framework to bring your COVID-19 plan to life, including broad visibility into your progress and the possible need to adjust your course. Within a week, your plan can be set up in a cloud environment and tied to the best available information in your existing business intelligence (BI)/reporting systems, external web pages, documents, news articles, and more. It also works with any existing framework you’ve developed internally or with consulting partners.


See your progress on execution at a glance at any time, so you can adapt crisis-response strategies easily as conditions change


Inform problem-solving through the best use of available internal and external information sources


Make information easily accessible and organized by purpose, not by source


Capture plans and easily share everyone’s thinking, informed by the best information available now


Survey your faculty and staff’s wellbeing through UC San Diego’s Tritonlytics team, with results linked to your plan in Nuventive


Stay focused on managing the crisis at hand, while the Nuventive team manages solution set-up and maintenance


The Nuventive COVID-19 Response Hub can be purchased directly on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Get It Now!

See the Nuventive COVID-19 Response Hub in action.

The time for iterative, adaptive planning is now. Contact Nuventive’s higher education rapid-response team to see how to set up adaptive planning at your institution.

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