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Nuventive adapts to unique
institutional plans

“We also wanted something that was more ours,” says Bridget. “In other words, we didn’t want to take our adaptive strategy, our institutional assessment plan, our operational plans, or our student learning plans and adapt all of those to a tool. Instead, we wanted to work with a partner that could adapt a tool to how the culture of assessment, planning, and transparency was evolving at Arcadia. Nuventive provided us with some options that allowed us to build the solution we needed.” Nuventive’s solution was also straightforward for everyone in the university community to adopt and use. It also helped break down, connect, and integrate previous data silos.

A single source of truth for
adaptive planning

So far, Nuventive has proved itself to be a single source of truth for Arcadia’s adaptive strategy tracking and progress – which means a reduction in data duplication. As phase one draws to a close, all of the university’s operational units and academic programs are already on the system.

The next step is to pull together a holistic view across the organization. This picture will help assess whether or not the initiatives of operational units and academic programs enable the progress and ultimate success of the university’s adaptive strategy.

About Nuventive

Nuventive enables higher education institutions to turn their plans into progress through the better use of information. Its cloud-based platform-as-a-service brings business process and information together to support any improvement initiative, including overall strategy, accreditation, student success, learning outcomes, general education, sustainability, administrative outcomes, program review, and diversity. Nuventive is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with distribution in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions. For more information, please visit or call +1.412.847.0280.


Location: Glenside, PA

Nuventive Solutions: The Nuventive Improvement Platform Premier Edition

Industry: Education

Sub-Vertical: Higher Education

Industry Priority Scenario: To help a university plan, collaborate, make better decisions, and create a culture of data-informed, goal-aligned improvement.

“Nuventive was ready to grow with us, and that was very important as a partnership for Arcadia.”
-Rashmi Radhakrishnan