AI’s impact on higher education improvement: Exploring the human element

AI’s impact on higher education improvement: Exploring the human element

Amid a din of hype and drama, AI is undoubtedly arriving on campus. How do we assess its potential for improvement and efficiency, especially in relation to the people who interact with it—students, faculty, administration, and cabinet members?

Join Nuventive and Microsoft in this session to learn:

– The importance of a navigation system that closes the last mile between AI and humans

– How to achieve more now by effectively using the information resources at hand in your AI, BI, and other systems

– How to support AI as an important element of the learning culture needed for effective decision-making and leadership to adapt as conditions (undoubtedly, perpetually) change

– How to find and make use of examples of effective practices from elsewhere

About Nuventive

Nuventive enables higher education institutions to turn their plans into progress through the better use of information. Its cloud-based platform-as-a-service brings business process and information together to support any improvement initiative, including overall strategy, accreditation, student success, learning outcomes, general education, sustainability, administrative outcomes, program review, and diversity. Nuventive is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with distribution in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions. For more information, please visit or call +1.412.847.0280.


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Industry Priority Scenario: To help a university plan, collaborate, make better decisions, and create a culture of data-informed, goal-aligned improvement.

“Nuventive was ready to grow with us, and that was very important as a partnership for Arcadia.”
-Rashmi Radhakrishnan